Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31st.


I Love Halloween! It is surely one of my most favorite holiday's of the year. I know that's kind of weird to some people, but I have good reasons (least to me they are). It's not becuase of the trick-or-treating; were deffinitely not doing that (too old without kids), but one day when I do have kids I will be more than happy to take them trick-or-treating. I love it for other reasons; some reasons are explainable, but some not so much (you know, feelings you can't put words too).
The few people who know my past/story know that I didn't have a very pleseant childhood. Few good memories, and the ones I do have I try to hold onto. Being that my birthday is so close to Halloween (Nov. 2nd) when I was growing up my grandmother would always put on a special "Halloween" birthday party for me. All my friends would come dressed up and of course we would eat all the candy in the world. Plus trick-or-treating! For some reason Halloween/my birthday is the least stressful holiday I can remember from when I was a kid. It's the only one I can really look back on and feel good about. No pressure, no parents fighting, no promises broken, no disappointments, etc... just a good time (of the few). I don't know why exaclty, I think it is just somthing God reserved for me, something I could hold onto and remember as good and not bad with my past.

Today (Halloween) my co-workers decorated my cubical and threw me and 2 other girls (who have the same b-day as me) a party! It was fun and exciting.

Then later on Kev and I went to Justin and Missy's to hang out and check out there new sweet pad. Missy made Kevin and I a Frankenstein cake! It was so yummy! She makes her cake frosting homemade and it is my FAVORITE (homemade that is). We all hung-out, vegged-out, played games, and watch some Arrested Development. It was a good time.

Here's some pictures of the day:

My decorated cube- Thanks Sporty-Doughtery - I love you!

This is why I love him

"Friendship pen"(gift) from my good from Liz (Dougherty-Sporty)

Frankenstein Cake - by Missy WitheyMe trying hard to look like Mr. FrankensteinMe & my sweet Frankenstein movesSpending quality time with Leonidas the fish - I swear he was looking at me, and heard me talking to him