Monday, October 27, 2008

Babies on the mind, and bored on lunch at work...


So many of our friends have baby's and I love it. I love seeing parents happy with their kids, and for the most part ALL of our friends who have them are still happy people.. which is encouraging to a person like me who has never had kids and often wonders what it's really like.

I have this massive loooooonnnnggg list of baby names that I like or just thought were neat and would possibly use them for my child. I have so many names that I like and would use no matter what someone said. Kevin on the other hand pretty much only has ONE name that he is set on, for a little girl. I like it too- and we will most likely use it if God blesses us one day with a little girl- (sorry not going to disclose the name on here)

Kevin and I would also like to name a little girl Melanie- typically you name a boy after the dad, but we like the idea of naming a girl after me. (not trying to sound selfish here) We both like the name (ha good thing right).. and would love to have a little Melanie.. were also secretly hoping she would look like me, you know the whole dark hair thing. :)

I am also stuck on using my mom's middle name for my first daughter's middle name, because I have my grandmas middle name and I would like to make it a tradition: For the first daughter to inherit the grandmas middle name.. ha not sure if that will really happen, but I like the idea. That being said her middle name is Pandora. And I love it. I think it is very pretty and unique. I know the "story" behind the name, but really I couldn't care a less. My name means the color Black or in some other translations dark, or dark skinned --- hmm.. is that me? nope. (maybe darker skin then some, but not the color black).


  1. Not funny! I was all ready to congratulate you guys:) I do like Pandora though. How wonderfully different!

  2. I think I heard a few years back that it was a southern thing to name the daughter after the mom too...Like Courtney Cox named her daughter Coco.

  3. So... all this baby talk... hmm... is someone expecting?