Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Adventures

( iPhone pic - Not the best camera)

I recently purchased Kevin's Anniversary gift.. (long over due) He was really wanting an iPhone, so I made it a point to surprise him with one. :) When I went to buy one they were all out of stock, so we had to wait about 2 weeks before it finally came in. Now that he has it, I am so glad I got it for him. He loves it, and I personally think it's the coolest phone ever! Now I want one!
Their are a few downers to it though, you can't send picture messages (can only send them through e-mail) and you can't take videos. The camera isn't the best either. My guess is that they left all that out so they can upgrade them in the future, in order to sell more.

In other news, My dearest husband is moving forward with purchasing the motorcycle he has been wanting to buy from his friend. Most everyone (women of course) tell me how non-safe it is. So I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing, but he is set on buying it. And I have decided to take this leap with him and let him get it. I don't know if I'm a idiot or not for this. If you think I'm an idiot you are welcome to tell me. I won't be offended. :)
Saturday we went over to check the bike out and Kevin test drove it, and he also took me for a ride on the back of it. It was a little nerve racking, but I survived (and so did he).
We talked about the possibility of him one day upgrading the bike and me taking over the one he is buying now. We shall see though. If I'm going to ride the thing, I want some control. I would rather be driving my own then riding on the back of it. Who knows, it would take a lot of getting used to.
Here are a few pictures of Kevin gearing up for his first ride on the bike. He's such a cutie. I think he looks cool with the bike, but really that doesn't matter at all in the long run. It's all about the safety of it.

Here are a few cute pictures of Bailey and Leo. They are so stinking cute. I love them. I am so glad God has softened my heart.. believe it or not, I used to be anti-animals. I didn't like them.. or their hair, or their slobber. Animals just annoyed me. I realized over time it was mostly because when I was a little girl, all the pets I attached myself to, my dad or mom got rid of without me knowing, and it began to break my heart, so somewhere along the line my heart became scared and I just didn't want anything to do with animals. BUT their did come a time some odd years ago, where I found that special love again. Kevin had a lot to do with it, and so did this amazing Dog Charlie. I miss her so much. She was the Settles dog, but grew to be mine too. She got hit by a bus recently. :( So sad! But yeah that's a long story short. I love love love animals now. And am excited that breading time for Leo and Bailey is coming soon! Leo still has probably a good 5 months before he will be ready, but that's OK. I can wait for puppies.

Kevin and I were cleaning the covers to our couch and set the cushions up so the dogs couldn't jump on them... Leo has been bad and has peed on the couch a few times, so now I am reverting to squirting him with water when he gets on the couches. Anyways, since the cushions were up the dogs found it fun to use the space behind as a little fort for themselves. Especially Leo, he loves it behind the cushions, and its so funny when we say his name, because he pops his little head out and looks around then dives back in.
(ha! I love Leo's little wondering expression- He's like, "hey, what are you doing coming near my fort") :)


  1. Are you an idiot for letting Kevin get a motorcyclce? Well, I wouldn't say you're the idiot in this situation ;)

  2. Yes, Kevin does look hot with a motorcycle ...... er .... YOU MAKE THAT BOY WEAR A HELMET! :)

  3. Nope, i wouldn't say you are an idiot... Let us all just pray that he drives safe and that girls aren't distracted by how awesome he looks on a bike and crash into him. :) I would be worried too.