Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Time Well Spent

Kevin and I recently got back from our wonderful 1st Anniversary trip to St. Pete Florida. We had such a wonderful time. I had never vacationed in Florida so the whole thing was a new and fun adventure for me. Most days we were lazy by the water, but others days were spent seeing new sites, people and places.
We had the blessed opportunity to stay with our good friend Aaron. He lives in a really nice gated community. It felt like we were at a resort, because it had an amazing pool, Jacuzzi and more.
On our Anniversary day we visited the Salvador Dali Museum, which I HIGHLY recommend anyone checking out if you ever get the chance. We learned so much about his paintings and why he painted what he painted. Our love for his art and respect towards him grew tremendously. After the Dali Museum we went to one of our new found favorite Italian restaurants (we discovered it while in Nashville, TN recently) - Maggiano's - - We both had the Mushroom Ravioli al Forno HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended. Then later that night we had cake and some Relax Wine and celebrated at the pool with Aaron. It was a great first Anniversary. :)
Oh yeah! Kevin got me the most wonderful Anniversary gift! He bought me a REALLY nice brand-new sewing machine! I am so excited to get making things. Thank You Baby!
Another highlight of our trip was seeing The Blue Man Group. It was incredible! Another one of those things I HIGHLY recommend seeing if you ever get the chance. It was so neat to see such a different art form. They perform great music and really get the audience involved in a really neat way. They also had a good/cool message in the show. I don't know if all the performances are the same though.
I also enjoyed shopping! Of course I did. :)
I had kind of a hard time for a few days while I was in FL, but I am not going to go into detail about it on this blog. It was good though, because it brought me closer to God. I started to blog all about it when it was happening, on my Somethingworthchewing.blogspot, but I haven't published it yet. I think I might, not sure yet.
Overall we had a WONDERFUL time, and can't wait to visit Florida again.


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  1. I can't believe that it has been a year already. Happy Belated Anniversary!!! Love, tobey