Wednesday, June 4, 2008

House Update

We recently made a wonderful trip to Ikea and got some great stuff for GREAT prices of course.

We really needed new light fixtures in the kitchen and living room, so that was our main purchases. We still need a few more light fixtures for other rooms in the house, but it shall come over time.

From Ikea

Fan in the Kitchen - From Home Depot

Light in the Kitchen - From Ikea

Light above the sink in the Kitchen - From Home Depot

Living room Light - From Ikea

New Kitchen Cabinet door Fixtures From - Lowe's


  1. I love your house. Seriously. It's probably a good thing I'm in MI, because if I set foot in your house, I might never leave. :)

  2. Thanks Sarah, that's really nice of you. :) Actually I would probably like it if you were here and didn't leave. :P

    Keep me updated on your dad! We will be praying for him. I am really excited for him. Is your mom coming down with him to VA?