Saturday, April 6, 2013

:: 32 Weeks ::

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 Welcome to week 32!
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This week has been full of adventure. :)
For starters Kevin and I traveled to Michigan (where we're both from). 
Friends and family put on a baby shower for me and it was so special. :)
Here's a bunch of photos from our trip.
**PS - sorry some pictures are blurry. I really need to start using my "real" camera instead of my iPhone for everything**
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You know you are in the North when...  photo C0ABCA1A-5DE1-4D97-97B9-5390C5DD841D-46303-00000263625852AB.jpg
*my belly looks HUGE in this picture*
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For party favors each person could take a mason jar and fill it full of candy.
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Some of my friends who were able to make it to the shower. Super thankful for each one of them. :)  photo C28CDF63-74F4-4B22-94EE-51B3968FA325-46303-0000026A4C30F8E6.jpg
My friend Stacy's little girl Ivy was at the shower too. Isn't she a cutie!
I feel like a baby shower isn't complete without a baby there. ;)  photo 6F13E4BC-1916-4282-B378-E56536FC3359-46303-00000268B2722380.jpg
This cake might not be the most awesome looking, but it's the BEST tasting. This was the one thing I pretty much demanded be at the shower. It's from a local bakery (Sweet & Savory) - so delicious. :)
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My siblings and I. My brothers came by at the end of the shower. :)
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The loot - SO beyond thankful for all the blessings people poured out on us at the shower. 
My house is currently a wreck. I've been working on washing baby clothes and sorting things. 
That's a job! I need to get baby V's closest cleaned out so I can get things in there. 
I've noticed that baby clothes sizes aren't accurate. 
One outfit will say 6 months and be bigger than a 12 month onesie. What's up with that!?
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Visiting with family on our trip :: My mom, siblings and I
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Brothers :: soon to be uncles 
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Our diapers and bumper were waiting for us when we got home from our trip.
We'll be cloth diapering after he's out of newborn diapers. :)
Praying it goes well!
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Kevin is so cute. I love how excited he gets about the baby's nursery and other things related to baby. He was more pumped to get the bumper on the crib than I was. He jetted upstairs and did it. Love his heart. I blurred out the background, because baby V's name is on there :)
*I'll eventually take better pictures of the whole nursery and post them*
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:: Random belly shots of the week ::
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We had fun comparing belly's. 
I'm so thankful Kevin loves my growing belly. 
It really means a lot to me that he does. :)
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 YAY to week 32, and more to come! 


  1. So cute! And you're right about baby clothes. Emily can wear six months in Carter's but most other stores she still wears three months.

  2. so cute- the nursery looks like it will be amazing!

  3. Seriously SO cute.....looks like it was a great shower!!!

  4. It looks like you had a very successful baby shower (: && you are so stinkin' tiny girl!

  5. looks like a great shower! that's great that you're cloth diapering. I did it for awhile with my 3rd baby and really enjoyed it!

  6. Awww so cute! I love your bump!! And I love that your hubby loves it :) Looks like such a fun shower and trip!


  7. I love your belly shots! Specifically the one of you and your hubby! So Cute!

  8. Where did you purchase the crib?

  9. I purchased the crib from Wal-Mart online :)