Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Truth:

My hair & nails pretty much sum up how I've felt most days since becoming a mom; a messy mess. 
Un-put-together. I now see why so many moms end up on "what not to wear" shows (someone PLEASE nominate me) ;P I feel like I have zero style now.

 Nothing fits like it used to. I've got thighs for days, my stomach looks like it did when I was 6 months pregnant, 3 day old hair, 3-4 week old nail chipping polish, (on a good day) slapped on coverup, quickly thrown on blush (forget eyeliner or mascara), spit up, tee-shirt with a skirt because I can't fit into my pants still, unibrow, hair falling out by the pound, & I could go on... But yet my heart is full & my sweet husband & baby love me as I am (even when I don't feel comfortable in my own skin). 

Being a mom is a hard messy job physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. Somedays I'm a disheveled mess, but the beauty is that it reminds of how much I need my savior while navigating this thing called parenthood. 

When I start to feel guilty for not having it all together, Jesus reminds me that his life was messy too. The cross was not clean, but the love he gave was so pure & that's what it's all about. Abram is worth all the mess of letting go of myself; just like Jesus did for me. 

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