Tuesday, February 7, 2012



I titled this post "Dependence," because the more I read the Bible the more I realize how much my dependence needs to be on God. Also, the more I read and fellowship with Him I realize how unworthy I am to be used by Him. I've been struggling these past fews days feeling guilty for not measuring up to the Love God has for me. I'm fighting a battle of guilt that comes when you realize how badly you NEED Him. I know I shouldn't feel guilty, because Jesus paid it all...so I'm trying. I press on in hopes of believing and living out the truth. I'm surrendering these feelings, and this helplessness to Him. 

The following came to mind last night while I was wrestling with this tension. 

He encamps my heart.
     He calls me to a mission of obedience,
        to a surrender of love,
          and to a commitment of faith.

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