Monday, January 30, 2012

Education - Light University Online

My dear husband is an online professor for a handful of schools and Light University Online being one of them. He's very passionate about his role as a professor, and I'm always hearing great things from him about Light Univ. Online. I thought I would share the article he recently wrote concerning Light UO. :)

Here's a peice from the article:

5. Uniquely Christian Focus
“What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?” Tertullian’s question of the compatibility of Christianity and scholarship still applies today. While the Christian faith and psychological principles have a somewhat sordid past, each area of knowledge represents a portion of God’s revelation to man. Psychology and counseling, like all forms of knowledge, belong to God. Therefore, the best way to study and utilize this knowledge is through a Christian perspective. Light University Online offers this perspective, exploring the wisdom of the helping and healing profession while removing the dross of the secular bias. The instruction at Light University Online can provide a foundation for someone newly interested in people-helping, or it can help a studied and experienced counselor to deepen spiritual roots or learn the Christian truth ignored by a secular training program.
 Additionally, an education from a Christian perspective offers more than head knowledge. Light University Online aims to foster spiritual transformation and exhortation for its students, helping them to develop not only in knowledge, but in character and relationship with Christ Jesus.