Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paris --- iPhone videos

Paris officially swept me off my feet--
--I don't know that I will ever return to the ground.
My is forever Paris bound.

Here's all the videos we took on Kevin's iPhone while in Paris. 
They're all pretty short clips. 
**Pictures to come**

This Starbucks was incredibly beautiful! Thankful they had Starbucks ;)

Here we're visiting the Palace of Versailles

Paris from our hotel (Novotel Hotel)

Les Arts Decoratifs Museum

PizzaHut in Paris..we are so American.

Louis Vuitton Store in Paris {No I didn't buy one; they are not my favorite}

Purse Video

Sitting along the Seine River

Eiffel Tower before it sparkles

Eiffel Tower when it sparkles - Beautiful!!

Walking to visit Isadora the hat maker

Checking out the street vendors

Eating at the Carrousel du Louvre Mall

Walking around Paris

Music along the streets in Paris. Loved this.

Walking to Montmarte

Last but not least... a drunk Italian who adored one of the girls.