Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm DONE...

...Stressing about stupid things. 
I hate stress. 
& lately I have been getting stressed over absurd meaningless things. 
I hate being tense and irritated, but lately it's often the only feeling I know!
What is going on with me?  
God? help. 

I can literally feel when stress is starting to take a toll on my body. 
& it is starting to do that, I feel like my blood pressure is sky high!

How to solve this problem: 
1. don't care anymore.  
meaning: don't dwell on unnecessary things that don't bring life, and aren't from God.
2. spend more time with God. 
meaning: I'm stressed which is probably a sign that I need to focus on my relationship with God more.
3. give up.
meaning: give up trying to be perfect. give up trying to make everything perfect. give up. 
4. words.
meaning: voice my opinion don't hold it in. be heard, but in the right way of course. 
5. sing to the Lord. 
meaning: worship. If I'm worshipping God I don't have time to be stressed or dwelling in the stress.
6. stand up. 
meaning: stand up for what I know is right. in God's eyes. 
7. let it all go. 
meaning: at the end of the day do any of these worries add even a minute to my life?

So, 2010 - shutting the door on worry & stress. 


{not the most pleasant of posts, but I'm human what can I say :P}