Monday, March 30, 2009

The Start of Week 9

(Taken by Kevin)
So, I am heading into week 9 of consistent working out - I have consistently worked out 3 to 5 times a week for 9 weeks. Just 9 weeks, BUT I can feel a tremendous difference. I feel lighter and more bouncy and less lethargic. I definitely think I have gone down a pant size, because my jeans get loose really fast now. The point to this healthy life style isn't really for me to loose weight - it's more so that I want to be as toned and as healthy as I can be before I start having babies plus other things of course. I want to be in the habit of living a healthy life style. I have always been athletic and such, but ever since I broke my leg (about 3 1/2 yrs ago or so) it has been so hard to stick to a regular workout system- I have had to work my way back up to running, I wasn't able to run again up until this past summer. It has been tough, because I still have pain in my leg and often find myself pushing through. I still need to have the 3rd surgery in order to get the plate out of my leg, and I think/am hoping it will help with the pain.

I love going to the gym and running the treadmill, I feel so much better afterwards. I've noticed a drastic difference in my toning ever since I started doing more cardio throughout the week (I was originally doing more exercise classes) - now I have switched to cardio Monday, Wed, & Friday - Tues. & Thurs are reserved for the AWESOME hard abs class LU offers (the class is seriously intense!). Also with the treadmill I have started doing interval running on a steep incline which I think has really benefited my legs in the toning process. My thighs are the toughest part to tone, and slowly but surely I am seeing them take shape.. (back to the shape they were when I got married - oh married body where have you gone!).

Don't get me wrong- to me their are so many other important things to focus on, such a your relationship with God, and family. I have also been working extra hard at spending time to just be with God, and it makes such a difference on the way I view the world, myself, Him, & others around me. Without that relationship first, I feel lost. Speaking of - I am reading this AMAZING book called: Your God is Too Safe - It has helped me SO much in my walk with the Lord. I can't even begin to describe the blessing it has been to me. I highly recommend it to any Christian looking to go deeper in their walk on so many levels. :)

My friend told me about this neat site you can use for free in order to keep track of your nutrition intake and exercise regimen - Here's the link : Gyminee
I also signed up to get daily e-mails from Hungry Girl - Tricks & Tips for Hungry Chic's - I like the daily e-mails because they give you weight watcher recipes and break down the points for you. I am also trying to keep track of my points which is an eye opener to the things we eat daily.

Well that's my update for now - I took some fun pictures over the weeked - I'll post them soon.
Ps. Please pray for Kevin's dad - he lost his job. :( We are praying the best for him. We would LOVE to have him live close to us. (praying those doors open) :)
Pss - Bailey our girl pup might be pregnant - only time will tell now- lets just say her and Leo were inseparable for a week. :)


  1. way to go with your workout schedule.. I bet you look amazing

  2. Thanks girl!!

    You yourself look great! Keep up the work - :)

  3. #1. Congrats on your tremendous workouts! I try to run, but can't because of my ankles... but I'm going to def keep plugging away at it!

    #2. Thanks for the link to that website.

    #3. You're gonna be a grandma?? Wow! :o) So happy for you! Make sure you let us know!

  4. #1 Thanks Misty! You keep up the good work too! What do you normally do for Cardio? I used to only do the eliptical, it works good is you can't run. I've started doing the bike here and there also. :)

    #2 Which website did you like? :)

    #3 I hadn't even thought of that, and you are right!! I might be a grandma!! ha who knew!! lol
    I will definitely keep you all updated on the progress. :) I'm pretty darn excited.

  5. good job on the consistancy! I'm sure you look fantastic! i'm trying to keep my motivation despite the pregnancy...i took for granted how easy it was before babies!! hearing others keeping motivated helps!

    I'll pray for kev's dad. So sorry to hear that.

  6. Mel: Just got caught up on your blog and had to comment on you reading "Your God Is Too Safe." This is one of my all time favorites! I'm so glad you're reading it! By the way, you are BEAUTIFUL! I love those pictures Kevin took of you in the bathroom. So cool! Wish I knew how to take pictures like that. I may have to hire you to take pictures of Elle. Love you!