Saturday, December 5, 2009

a reason for life.

Leading up to my life today... here are some huge things I am thankful for:
(My goal is to update this list all throughout this whole year. Though this list does not do justice the MANY things I need to be/& am thankful for. Tally started: 11-29-08)

I am Thankful...
{ for Christ saving me at 16 }

{ for a grandma who taught me how to pray }

{ for always knowing God was real; even when I didn't truly know Him }

{ for being a girl }

{ that I get to be a big sister }

{ for the hair on my head }

{ that I have my mothers blue eyes }

{ that God provided me with my dream wedding }

{ that someone invented Starbucks }

{ that I am forgiven & given a 2nd chance at life }

{ for a handsome husband who loves unconditionally }

{ for a husband who helps clean the house when needed }
{ for the brownies Kevin made me }

{ for the job promotion I recently received }

{ for the obsticles I face }

{ that I have my fathers dark hair }

{ that I never needed braces }

{ that I have 2 dogs I adore }

{ that my dogs don't shed }

{ for the freckles on Kevin's face }

{ when someone affirms me with words - my love language }

{ for dads who care and make an effort in their children's lives }

{ for having w i d e fingernails (hated them growing up) }

{ that I'm not in control; though at times I wish I were }

{ for my baby sister; who makes me tear up at the slightest thought of her }

{ for my baby brothers; who are men in the making }

{ for the lessons learned through reading great books; by men inspired by a GREAT God }

{ for sleep; though I never get enough }

{ for Saturday mornings - the 1 day I DO get to sleep in }

{ for Isaiah 43 }

{ that God says He loves me; & you. }

{ for long eyelashes like my grandfather }

{ for laughs with friends }

{ that Leah came over tonight }

{ for her servant heart & attention to detail }
{ for wise speakers; who brave the thousand eyes and speak boldly for God }

{ for lessons learned in Scripture; the hopeful voice of God }

{ the chance to get to read Perry Nobles blog }

{ for this CUTE video! "Surprised Kitty" }
{ for my friends the "Reed's" - they are fun to hang with }

{ for storms. I'm stronger today because of them. and so are you. }

{ for a woman named Chantel Pandora- I tend to call her "mom" }

{ for a man named Jesus- I tend to call him "friend" }

{ for a powerful God- I tend to call him "father" }

{ for the words "I love you" - sometimes that's all I need }

{ for my friends who blog, they keep me informed and inspired }

{ that God will provide. I'm sure of it. The Cross doesn't lie }

{ for music. }
"Of all the music that reached farthest into heaven, it is the beating of a loving heart."
-Henry Ward Beecher

Thought: When I don't feel at peace within my soul - I'm beginning to wonder if I need to let some things go {to make room for the peace I crave}...

PS -PLEASE read CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan it's been life changing for myself & Kevin.
Another good one is YOUR GOD IS TOO SAFE by Mark Buchanan