Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Land of Smiles

If you haven't heard and are loosely living on the idea that all is well in the world, well think again.
Thailand; the Land of Smiles is knee deep thick in poverty and prostitution. Women selling there bodies and ultimately there souls to wretched hurting men who pay them plenty; trying to fill a void with a momentary pleasure that leads to death and destruction.
Many are prone to wander, many are prone to sin, and few are willing to surrender and go---
except for these men and women pictured below:


Freedom 4-24 is a movement seeking to stop sexual exploitation in Southeast Asia; "seeking to rescue women enslaved in the sex industry."

There is movement taking place in the world, but not just any movement; a movement of epic proportions. A movement beyond our fiber beings. A movement to capture freedom and give it away. A movement of crazy love. A movement of Salvation; Christ Himself.
If your interested in tracking with the team that is in Thailand right now check out these blogs:

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Love is helping people toward the greatest beauty, the highest value, the deepest satisfaction, the most lasting joy, the biggest reward, the most wonderful friendship and the most over-whelming worship; love is helping people toward God. -John Piper