Monday, October 19, 2009

Blessings on us. for others.

OK so all of a sudden Kevin and I have been blessed with 6 different oppurtunities to take family/kids photos for people.  So far we've accomplished 1 and have 5 to go. 
This is a great hobbie/side job for us. We love it together and who knows where it could go.  For now we enjoy blessing friends and family with the little talent we have.  
I'm thinking of a Photography logo, but I don't have a program to make an awesome one, so this will do for now.  
After were done with the 6 we would like to start a separate photography website and see where it goes. I say WE and mean it! Kevin is ALL in. 
Who knows!! Either way, I'm happy to capture the moments as they come. 
Here's a picture of Kaison with our logo. What do you think?  I'm going for simple, yet edge. Not sure/I'm sure you can tell by my blog that I like birds, but I don't want to overdue it. ;0)
I have a TON of pics of Kai that I can't wait to post {no time}.  
I'm also putting together a special video of them for my friend; can't wait to share!