Saturday, August 22, 2009

art + love = awesome.

I had been wanting art on our main living room wall for some time now. I have been holding out putting anything up until I either got some nice wedding pictures or until I found the perfect pieces to go there. I am picky about what goes up on my walls.
Well to my surprise: I was gone for a weekend retreat, and came home to some art Kevin had made for me while I was gone. It was SO sweet of him and it blew me away. As soon as I walked in the house I saw all 4 pictures hanging their & it melted my heart. He spray painted the outline of different types of leaves on white paper, and one of them he spray painted the leaves and hung the leaves on the paper which made for a really neat black & white contrast. My favorite was the black & white picture with the actual leaves on it, so it made for some fun art together! We gathered more leaves & grass and came up with 2 more pictures.
It was really cool to see Kevin's creative side come out. He really is a very creative person. Often he will come up with something that leaves me shocked and humbled. I often find myself thinking, GOSH why didn't I think of that- that is so cool! :) I love getting to see different glimpse's of his love for art/creativity. It is truly a passion of mine, so it makes it all the more better to be able to experience, and express it with him. :)
Thank you honey for inspiring me!!
Here is the video of it all that I made for Kevin
You may think it's cheesy, but I'm ok with that. ;0)


  1. I loved your "cheesy" video. what a special surprise, he did an excellent job I love it

  2. awesome. great choice of song as well. very creative man you have there! a nice surprise...

  3. You guys are so cute together! Great job Kevin!

  4. LOVE THE VIDEO! Awesome pictures! You both are amazing!