Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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Chantel Pandora Pearson 

AKA: Mother

***I was able to captured this picture of my mom over the weekend.  Her, a friend, and two of my siblings drove from MI to VA in order to spend some time with me and Kevin.  It was such a blessing to see her.  I miss her dearly and daily. 

My Mother: She is a warrior, she is short but tough, & will put up a fight for the things she knows are right.  She has the most beautiful blue eyes, they truly DO sparkle!  I Love this picture of my mom.  It captures her in her element: she loves Coffee & she can make anyone smile or laugh.  She has this incredible way of making people feel comfortable.  People are drawn to her.  She is a good listener, but also a good advice giver.  She has been through the rough, but has come out a diamond.  She often refers to herself as the Texas Tornado and this fits her perfect.   She is one whirlwind of a lady.  She lives for God, she lives for her children, and she lives for her dreams.  I am inspired by her daily & honored to call her Mom.   ***

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  1. That is such a beautiful photo of your Mom! Looking at it, I can totally see myself sitting down to a cup of coffee with her and discussing the ins and outs of life. She looks like so much fun! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad I got to find yours in return! :)

  2. nice. sure your mom appreciates this...they are always there for us...we should remember that more...

  3. Hoppin in to say hi. Your mom looks like a great listener.

  4. Such a great picture!! Your Mom is so pretty!!!

  5. Thanks so much friends! My mom will be very blessed when I tell her the nice compliments she got. :)

    Wish you could meet her.