Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Freedom 4 - 24 is a movement...

... to raise awareness of the sexually exploited women in Thailand."

Today Brentwood - (the church Kevin and I call home) launched a mission/cause called 
Freedom 4-24

The mission of Freedom 4-24 is this:  click here:   Mission

Click video to watch what was
 presented in church today.

I am crushed in spirit over this and can't even begin to imagine the horror these women and very young girls face daily. 
You can help by purchasing a Freedom 4-24 tee-shirt and the funds will go toward helping these women become free from bondage & come to know Christ. 

These prostitutes are bought for $1.00 an hour, and $24 American dollars can buy their freedom for 1 full night.  During that night they will be taken to a ministry that will share the gospel with them and show them a different road they can take.  Lives are being changed and will continue to be changed through our help.  
Here's where you can buy a shirt to support the mission for
 Freedom 4-24.  Kevin and I bought some today and just so you know the shirt that looks dark pinkish online is actually red. :)

If your interested in more details about the whole thing, I would be happy to tell you about it. 

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