Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Season and Reason for Cheer

2008 Christmas Tree decorating extravaganza! :)

Eating Christmas cookies before starting.
I love my babies! ha!
look at Leo's long tongue- he loves giving kisses. :)Kevin and I have begun our own x-mas traditions -
Each year we are going to pick an ornament to be our "favorite" one of the year.
This one is Kevin's favorite for this year... Placing the guitarMy favorite ornament of the this x-mas was a cow!
I love cows! ... their always grazing.Placing the cow

Leonidas and his favorite ornament of the year-
too cute - he wouldn't drop it, so we let him carry it around for a little bit. :)
He was feeling the x-mas spirit.

see he wouldn't let it go..
he was waiting for the right time to put it on the x-mas tree.Being a Bossy pants!!
jk. I know we were joking around -
I swear I am not the x-mas Grinch.

Homemade stockings - you like?

um - holding ornaments in a basket. duh.
These are the faces we make at each other daily.

I look like a weirdy- but Kevin is a cutie

um - I just hope my kids don't take after him -
lol SO sorry this is an x-rated picture.
This is apparently a new x-mas tradition too -
Kevin hanging ornaments where they really aren't suppose to be. lol
awe- I love how she kept looking up at me. :)

Can you tell I don't have kids yet?

Like the tree skirt?
I just used some fabric I had laying around. works well.
Placing the star on the tree
Final product
They were quite into it.. lol

Van Wynsberg - Christmas decorating - 2008

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