Sunday, December 28, 2008

C h r i s t m a s D a y - 2 o o 8
Kevin got up way earlier than me- and was anxious to open presents-
Can you tell?
Smelling his new socks?
Awe! Bailey helping Kev open his present. :)
Leo also helping open the presents - too cute.
Kevin got very creative with his present wrapping :)
Of course Starbucks has to be somewhere in the mix :)
Some sweet new running shoes
Opening my big present - I was very happy

Leo & Bailey wearing there new sweaters
Why so serious?
Here's the fun part of the morning-
I had a BIG surprise for Kevin this year -
He had no idea what I was really getting him. I had him completely fooled
into thinking I was getting him an electric drum set- After opening all our presents,
I told him there was one more present in the the tree- and that it was his clue to
what was upstairs (he knew I had a big present for him waiting in the guest bedroom)
Here in the picture he is grabbing the "clue" :)
Here he is opening the "clue" & and getting excited,
because he knows it's drum sticks!
Here he is about to enter the bedroom to where is Big gift is -
& excited, because it MUST be drums! why else would I give him drum sticks?
What!? Wait, this is a very shocked look on his face -
Could it be something other than drums!?
It's not drums! It's a new AWESOME TV!!!
Ha! I had him SO tricked! Goal accomplished!
Later that evening Justin & Missy came over.
We made Christmas dinner together and exchanged some fun gifts. :)
We love the Witheys!
They liked their Homer nut-cracker.
An Angel ornament! I've been wanting one. :)
A mushroom ornament- random, but it
totally made us think of Justin & Missy
Thankfully they liked it too. :)
Kevin thinks he's the hulk
YAY! another animal ornament to add to my collection!
I love cute animal ornaments! Lets see, so far I have:
a cow, penguin, elephant, 2 birds, and a pig... the farm is growing!

Good times!
Christmas had it's ups and downs this year- not being able to see our family is always tough, but Justin and Missy helped ease the pain- we had fun making it our own. Their was also no snow on Christmas day, which is always a little strange when you are used to snow, but it was a very beautiful sunny day & I always love that.


  1. Haha! Too funny you got him a tv instead of the drums! I like the way you think!!

    Miss you!

  2. ha - he is a hard one to surprise - so it basically took lieing to him in order for it to be a surprise. lol oh well, least it was a good fib! :)

    Miss you too Misty. :)

  3. What great pictures, Mel! Awesome job on the surprise, too! :) I am glad you guys had a good Christmas.